Local Libations Unleashed: Otsego’s Own Barrels & Bottles Bonanza


Embark on a backyard brewery and distillery adventure! Our home county serves up a flavorful journey through history, culture, and craft.

Hey neighbor, ever wonder what hidden gems are brewing right under our noses here in Otsego County? Well, strap in and let our Barrels & Bottles Itinerary be your treasure map to liquid gold. This ain’t your average sip and swirl tour; it’s a full-on dive into our boozy backyard!

Remember when Otsego was the hop king of North America? No? Well it was, take our word for it. We’ve swapped the hops crown for a corkscrew, and now we’re the sheriff of spirits, the baron of beer, and the wizard of wine and cider. Each stop is like hopping in a time machine, but cooler, because you get to drink through history, celebrate the now, and cheers to what’s brewing next in our artisanal alcove.

Kick off this flavorful saga at Cooperstown Brewing, where traditional ales echo the crack of the bat and the cheer of the crowd. From there, let the Belgian-inspired mastery at Brewery Ommegang whisk you across the Atlantic without ever leaving the county.

Next stop, Red Shed’s local brews offer a taste of homegrown craftsmanship, while Cooperstown Distillery adds a dash of spirited sophistication to the mix. Don’t let the journey stop there; Fly Creek Cider Mill’s crisp ciders are a must-sip, leading you gracefully to the artisanal elegance of Pail Shop Vineyards.

As the trail winds on, Rustic Ridge Winery and High Burl Brewery beckon with their unique blends and brews, creating a tapestry of taste only Otsego can weave. Butternuts Beer & Ale keeps it real with unpretentious, hearty ales, and Uncommon Kin invites you to explore the uncommon side of ciders.

The adventure nears its end by the serene waters of Muddy River, but not before you find your way to Roots Public Social Club, where community and craft come together in perfect harmony. 

So, come on, let’s show these bottles and barrels what homegrown love looks like. It’s time to sip, savor, and maybe stumble (safely, of course) through the best kept secrets of our own stomping grounds. Let’s make our fore-hop-fathers proud!