Trail of Treasures Digital Passport

Embark on the Otsego County Trail of Treasures, where vintage vibes meet eco-conscious living in a thrilling treasure hunt across Otsego County! This isn’t just shopping; it’s a quest for sustainability, wrapped in the allure of uncovering hidden gems. With 35 eclectic spots to explore, each find is a high-five to the planet, a nod to reducing waste and championing reusability. 

Our digital pass makes it a breeze – no downloads, just seamless check-ins via GPS, sprinkled with exclusive discounts and incentives that sweeten the deal. And because we’re all about loving local, this trail not only curates cool but also cultivates community spirit and slashes that carbon footprint. Join the fun, become a sustainability steward, and who knows? Along with quirky finds and unique keepsakes, and on your way you’ll snag some nifty prizes as our thank-you for making a difference. So, are you ready to tread lightly and shop mightily? The Trail of Treasures awaits!